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MCM is unlike any other company currently serving lenders. Unlike consultants who have had some success in a secondary marketing role in the past, we are financial engineers who have made a study of profitable mortgage lending. We help our clients price their loan products, hedge against risk, trade their assets and maintain compliance operations. Much of what we do is study the numbers, and we are experts at mathematics.

Many of the products and services we make available to the industry are standalone offerings that lenders can buy and use to achieve better execution on their loan production. But our real strength is in providing our clients’ executive management with overall trading oversight, performance monitoring, and secondary reviews.

We have created a secondary marketing report card that can identify problems and opportunities in any lender’s operation. It is one key to higher overall profitability. It also provides a set of guidelines for our engagements.

Most often, the general consulting part of our offering starts with fact finding, where our experts help lenders understand where they are paying too much, taking on too much risk or leaving too much money on the table. In the vast majority of cases, we come on board to help the lender make the required changes to achieve overall better execution on every loan they close.

This work is never a one-size-fits-all proposition. It requires careful analysis and knowledge of the structural problems that keep lenders from higher levels of performance.

Every offering that MCM delivers today has been performed incorrectly by someone in the past – from  the simple (using duration based hedging instead of an Option Adjusted Spread approach) to the more complex (trying to get best execution without the ability to securitize their pools). Our seasoned team has helped lenders of all types and sizes solve their problems.

MCM’s Total Sale Optimization (TSO) system, which sits at the core of many of our offerings, was designed and built not only to maximize each lender’s returns from individual loan sales and/or bulk sales, but to maximize all sales executable. The system takes advantage of an AI programming technique that considers all available executions. Nothing like it is available anywhere else.

Our clients all handle their secondary market operations in their own way, using our data, analytics and advice to make the best decisions. They may choose to keep it simple and offer their production via bulk sales, package their loans for bulk sales or hold them in portfolio. They each operate according to their own strategies, but all benefit from our experience.

Our team is well equipped to handle all pooling and sale optimization needs –  whether our clients are seeking to improve gain on sale executions, streamline pooling and best execution, or just plan for the future. Some benefit even more by working with MCM to start securitizing their own loans. We can do the securitization for them, guiding them through that process.

The difference between a highly profitable mortgage lender and a mediocre one often comes down to the methods, tools, and experience deployed to minimize risk and optimize execution. There are many ways to run your secondary marketing / capital markets operation and knowing the difference between the most and least effective means is a key differentiator we bring to the market.

Partnership Account

MCM advises clients, who then execute trades, best execution based pooling and delivery. MCM is always available for conference calls to discuss trading strategies and to provide consulting and market analysis.

Guardian Account

MCM does it all, executing MBS trades, providing best execution based pooling and delivery, monitoring pricing and leading a daily client conference call to coordinate secondary marketing activities.

In both cases, our services keep pace with our client’s efforts, providing continuous support and advice from expert MCM Advisors. Further, our advice is not generic, but rather tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Since 1994, Mortgage Capital Management has helped mortgage bankers of every size become more profitable through the use of best-in-class pipeline risk management tools and strategies. Our pipeline risk management services, secondary marketing consulting, and hedging/trading services enable clients to prosper in any market environment.

For nearly 30 years, the U.S. mortgage industry has called upon Mortgage Capital Management for expert advice and proven technologies all designed to deliver best execution in service to a more profitable enterprise. Our customer list includes some of the most successful firms in the business.

Viewing the online demo costs you nothing and will shed light on a unique approach to secondary marketing success that you won’t find anywhere else. Don’t settle for mediocre results for your Non-QM lending business when excellence is achievable.

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