Enterprise Hedge Optimization

MCM has expanded its product and service offerings to include servicing valuation and hedging in either a standalone or enterprise-wide hedging and valuation solution. For example, clients can have MCM hedge the value of their serving portfolio as a standalone activity or combine it with pipeline hedging as well. Given that most independent mortgage bankers lack the portfolio to counteract the changes of mortgage servicing rights other than to boost originations during refi-waves, MCM has developed and refined its core offerings, technology, and service to include servicing hedging and valuation. Whether you plan to hold servicing for the long haul or sell servicing rights in the not too distant future, we can set our hedge parameters around your desires and coverage needs. Call us for a confidential discussion centered around your needs. MCM’s enterprise customers have wide-ranging resources available:

  • OAS Servicing Valuations by product, coupon or any other segment.
  • Optimized SRP Hedge Solutions,
  • Combo Pipeline and Servicing Portfolio Hedge Management and Optimization,
  • Automated Execution Based Pricing,
  • Float Down Lock Pricing and Hedging,
  • Builder Commitment Pricing and Hedging,
  • Total Sale Optimization.

MCM provides customers with state-of-the-art tools and analysis to get the job done right with superior oversight, analytics, experience and technology we provide our customers with the competitive advantage!

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