MCM AI Fallout Announcement – CloseLytics

Two Months ago, MCM announced its new Artificial Intelligence Fallout Analytics Service: “CloseLytics.”  MCM’s founder said: “The guessing game of what’s my mortgage pipeline exposure is over….”  MCM’s AI based deep learning neural network software system “CloseLytics” utilizes the latest data science techniques and AI to accurately predict which loans will close with or without renegotiations in all market conditions. The system is designed to be self-correcting with automatic back testing and reporting. The results for the first quarter are in and summarized below. MCM has over 30 years of experience with managing mortgage pipeline risk using ultramodern OAS technology and proven statistically based fallout analytics and has been developing and using AI tools for over 20 years. CloseLytics can be integrated with any Pipeline Risk Management System or hedge advisory service. The system not only can provide singular closing rate predictions on an individual loan basis it also provides forecasts by loan for any range of market movement.

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