MCM’s Open API Interface

MCM is pleased to announce the roll-out of its Open API. This API conforms to the Open API Specification and allows clients to integrate their LOS information with MCM’s Hedge Analytics and Reporting software. MCM has developed this secure interface to facilitate the transmission of client loan data via CSV, XML, or JSON formats. As has always been the case with MCM’s interfaces, the time intervals for updating data through the chosen interface specification is unlimited, ie., data can be sent, and reports run as many times per day as a client determines useful. The development of this API allows clients to send data to MCM quickly, easily, securely, and reliably. MCM has also developed the capabilities for integration with various investor pricing for utilization in our Total Sale Optimization system. In addition to this new interface, MCM will continue to support FTP and SFTP data transfers as well as direct website uploads. MCM is excited and ready to help our clients achieve a more digital and streamlined approach to the mortgage experience. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or to schedule a demo of MCM’s system and analytics.


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